Print Review: Iono-sama Fanatics volume 1

Iono-sama Fanatics volume 1

Review Iono-sama Fanatics volume 1Written by WarpshadowRating very good

Fan service often times gets a bad rep in anime and manga circles but Iono-sama does the whole moe bit without having to resort to panties every five pages.

In Tokyo you can find just about anything. Iono, the queen of a small country, is there looking for some beautiful women with black hair. When she runs into Eto Iono thinks she has found one of the women she is looking for. Eto on the other hand finds Iono to be scary woman and rejects her advances at every turn. However Iono is perceptive woman and sees that Etoís refusals are rooted in a lack of faith in herself. Eventually Eto relents and joins Iono and her retinue on their quest to find Iono more women.

Everyone has genres that they like and dislike and as a general rule I donít usually like plot light comedies all that much. This being said Iono-sama Fanatics is one of those manga titles that can go against my general tastes. This manga appeals to the audience that like cute girls and likes to see them together. However the brand of fan service that this manga has is of a more subtle type than in most manga with fan service being that the artwork depends more on chibi form and general good artwork insead of relying on tired gags that fan service usually means. Even Ionoís perverted antics are tempered by an otherwise good nature and is played mostly for laughs. If you are looking for a nice diversion from your usual manga reading there are few diversions as nice as Iono.

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