Print Review: Love Com volumes 1-4

Love Com volumes 1-4

Review Love Com volumes 1-4Written by WarpshadowRating very good/ excellent

Often times these days romantic comedies rely on idolization of the opposite sex rather than interplay between characters. Love Com is different kind of story and one that is much better than most tomantic stories out there.

Risa Koizumi is the tallest girl in her class. She often has the misfortune of being paired with Atsushi Otani who is the shortest guy in class. Risa has a crush on another guy named Suzuki but has no way of approaching him so she gets Atsushi to make friends with him in exchange for Risa introducing him to one of her friends. Is this just a case of two people setting each other up or could there be some thing more? Even if there is could Risa and Atsushi ever see eye to eye when there is more than six inches of difference between them?

Manga stories that have a strong romantic component to them regardless of whether they are shonen or shojo tend to regard the opposite sex as some mysterious alien race rather than understandable characters.Love Com (my keyboard lack a button for the star that appears in the title) dispenses with this and instead goes for a romantic comedy with relatable characters of both sexes. While misunderstandings are the fuel that romantic comedies including this story runs on Love Com handles this a bit better than most stories as the misunderstandings come in more than one flavor. Love Com may be a shojo manga but not only is it a better than average shojo manga it is also one that I would recommend to just about anybody, even if they donít read all that much shojo.

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