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Junk Force

Review Junk ForceWritten by WarpshadowRating fair

The saddest thing right now Is that I am writing a review for a book called Junk Force that really sucks and any clever jokes are escaping my mind.

In a world devastated by a great war a trio of girls travel about the desert in a tank. They are their leader, Liza, the busty and combative Wooty and the quiet Mill. One day while fighting bandits they run across a boy named Louis who is handy with fixing machines. With nowhere else to go he decides to join the girls in their search for a perfect town to live in. However when the world is a wasteland dotted with remains of a world war that is easier said than done.

The novel I am reviewing is a part of a media franchise that I am not really familiar with. The book is written in first person with chapter varying between Liza’a and Louis’s perspective. However the two characters aren’t that different in personality so that idea has little impact. The story consists of the group milling about running into whatever technological threat the author decides to throw at them There is some minor character development in the last chapter which unfortunately is overturned by a deus ex machina. Overall I found this to be a rather boring science fiction novel and since there is not only a number a better anime related novels but a ton of better sci fi ones Junk Force should be passed up.

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