Print Review: Hinadori Girl volumes 1-3 (complete)

Hinadori Girl volumes 1-3 (complete)

Review Hinadori Girl volumes 1-3 (complete)Written by WarpshadowRating fair/ good

Hinadori girl is mildly pleasant but mildly pleasant doesnít really cut it when there are plenty of actually good manga series out there to read.

Yoshiki has always been interested in robots but when his newest project is finished it is more than his sister can take. The creation, Sally No 1, is a domestic robot in the shape of a little girl with only a training program. In the beginning the only things that she could do is fail at house cleaning and cling to Yoshiki like a chick clings to itís mother. As Yoshikiís sister Akira was very close to him she resents the intrusion on their bonds that Sally represents. The question is whether Akira will blow a fuse or warm up to Sally?

Hinadori Girl is an example of a manga devoted to the concept of moe, or in laymanís terms this manga tries to win over itís reader with cuteness. Fortunately the manga doesnít try to sexualize Sally although the same canít be said of other female characters but at least they are older. The flow of Hinadori Girl is best described as episodic with most stories lasting only one chapter. The biggest problem that this manga has is that other than cuteness and some emotional appeals to the audience there isnít much to hook a perspective audience. If you like cute stuff a lot you might like Hinadori girl but I wouldnít really recommend it.

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