Anime Review: Yami to boshi to hon no tabibito

Yami to boshi to hon no tabibito

Review Yami to boshi to hon no tabibito

Hazuki is a high school student with more than just normal feelings for her mute sister Hatsumi. She even creeps into her sister's room and tries to kiss her while Hatsumi is sleeping. In an unexpected turn of events the very minute Hatsumi turns sixteen years old she disappears into a green light. Wondering where her sister went a fat little bird appears and tells Hazuki that her sister went to another world. So Hazuki starts searching the various worlds with the help of a strange woman named Ririsu who has something of a grudge against Hatsumi, who Ririsu refers to as Eve.

For it's short length this show is very confusing and has it's fair share of plot holes. This was based on a dating sim and people that have played the game probably could make more sense out of it that I did. The biggest one is that the show never explains where Hazuki got her sword from. That aside the show has interesting characters and is quite different from anything I have seen before. There is a good deal of fan service in the show but it isn't used to distract from a weak story like some shows I have seen.

This show has good animation, somewhat above average in my book. There is obvious use of computer graphics but it is expertly used. The opening song is very fun and I will have to look for a full version.

Yami to boshi to hon no tabibito (my that is a long title) is currently on available though fansubs. This is a good show offering an interesting blend of complex story and fan service that I enjoyed. I give Yami to boshi to hon no tabibito a rating of good.

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