Anime Review: Bottle Fairy

Bottle Fairy

Review Bottle Fairy Written by Warpshadow Rating good

Bottle fairy first and foremost is a cute show. Fortunately the show manages to be funny and somewhat endearing as well. While the show looks like it targeted to kids it lacks the taint of commercialism that makes it somewhat accessible to older viewers.

There are four fairies that live with a student that they simply refer to as Sensei-san. There is the spunky Kururu, the romantic Chiriri, the tomboyish Sarara, and the air head Hororo. They all have the desire to be human and learn about the human world. They don't know much about the human world so they have to ask their neighbor a elementary schoolgirl named Tama. Even with her help there is still a lot they don't know so they use their imaginations to fill in the gaps.

Bottle Fairy is silly and pointless but nonetheless funny. Show. The show usually consists of the fairies learn about a topic (most often a holiday) and then acting out anything that comes to mind. The fairies tend to misunderstand things and so they come to weird conclusions like when they heard about golden week (a group of holidays that Occurs at the end of April) Chiriri thought that during that week everything turned gold. A good deal of the humor is based around various holidays and other bits of Japanese culture so liner notes are a necessity. The show itself is short with episodes lasting only 12 minutes and there only being 13 episodes. Overall Bottle Fairy may not be a great show but it is worth watching especially if you can catch it fansubed or at a convention.

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