Anime Review: Debutante detective corps

Debutante detective corps

Review Debutante detective corps written by Warpshadow Rating fair

A good example of why not all anime is worth watching even if it is not truly horrible. Debutante detective corps is a half hour of bad jokes and jiggly breasts. There are better ways to spend your time and money than this.

Starting school today are five beautiful and filthy rich high school students. After crashing the opening ceremony in various colorful ways they receive a death threat from three mercenaries. Fortunately for the girls they aren't as helpless as you would think. Each of them has a special talent. A sharpshooter, a hacker, a master of disguise, a martial arts master, and a powerful psychic are among their ranks.

Debutante detective corps is the kind of cheap, throw away Oav that has little value except to make people's anime collections look bigger and reviewers websites to look more informative. The show tries to blend action and comedy but largely fails, especially on the second part. The characters are not only shallow (not much that could have been done about this do to there only being one episode) but also tend to be stupid and unlikable as well. It might have gotten better but like I said before there is only one episode so we will never know. So unless you feel the need to watch every anime show in existence I suggest you pass this one up.

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