Anime Review: Yumeria


Review Yumeria Written by Warpshadow Rating fair/ good

Even if it is a somewhat shallow show, Yumeria still manages to be fun. If you like the idea of a guy surrounded by beautiful girls fighting off an evil floating sphere you just might enjoy Yumeria.

Tomokazu Mikuri is a lazy boy who lives with his cousin because he is an orphan. One night while he is dreaming he seeing a strange young girl fighting a monster. The odd thing is that when he wakes up the girl is right next to him. He can't understand her since the only thing she can say is mone, and thus she is named Mone. Next night when he goes to sleep he is in the same place as before with Mone and one of his classmates fighting another monster. For some reason Tomokazu can give the girls powers by touching them.

Yumeria is based off of a video game that blends dating sim elements with a number of battles. As you could probably guess this makes the show feel like it is all over the place, and unfortunately neither side is developed all that well. The characters are a bit flat in the beginning but in the later half of the show the a bit more attention is placed on development. Several things feel like hole in the plot and probably would have made more sense if you had played the game. Another thing is that this show is somewhat echi, mainly do to the preponderance on shots on the female characters rear area. While I didn't hate the show I can't really recommend it.

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