Anime Review: City Hunter Secret Service

City Hunter Secret Service

Review City Hunter Secret Service Written by Warpshadow Rating good/ very good

City hunter Secret Service is a movie that works largely do to the constant shifting between moods that keeps the movie from getting stale. It doesn't require a lot of foreknowledge to watch since I liked it despite not seeing City hunter before.

There is another job for the famous private investigator known as city hunter. There is a political figure from the Country of Guinam by the name of Jim McGuire who is requesting a body guard. The interesting thing is that he isn't requesting it for himself but his Daughter Ana Shinjo. The other twist is that Ana is a cop on the secret service division and is assigned to guard mister Mcguire even though she holds a grudge against him. Now if only the famous Mr. Saeba can avoid getting either himself or his ward killed and avoid Kaori long enough to get some quality Nookie.

I found this City Hunter movie to be quite enjoyable. At first glance it is an action movie and an unremarkable one at that. While this may be true the strength of the movie and perhaps all of City Hunter (this movie is my first experience with the franchise so this is just a guess) is it's ability to combine action, comedy and drama well without any part really stepping on the toes of the others. One this I found to be annoying is that they have unnecessary name changes in the dub of this movie. Other than that I thought it was just fine.

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