Anime Review: Diamond daydreams

Diamond daydreams

Review Diamond daydreams aka Kita he diamond dust drops Written by Warpshadow Rating very good

A collection of short stories Kita he diamond dust drops is a good watch for any fan of dramatic stories. Just leave your preconceptions of what an anime show based on a dating sim is at the door.

On the island of Hokkaido sometimes the temperature drops suddenly and ice crystals form in the air. This is called diamond dust. It is said that when you see this you can attain true happiness, find true love or even have your wishes come true. This is the story of six women, their hopes, their heartbreaks and their lives and how is at connects to the wondrous weather phenomenon known as the diamond dust.

This anime show is based off of a dating sim. However the one thing it is not is a show about a gaggle of vapid girls who are all obsessed with the same milquetoast male lead. Instead it is six stand alone stories, one for each of the main characters and the final episode in which they all appear. All of the stories except one take two episodes to tell. I found that the stories are interesting for their length and manage to flesh out the characters satisfactorily. They also manage to avoid overusing clichés and manage to find a satisfactory middle between a happy ending and a tragic one in most cases. The music played very well to the dramatic portions of the show especially the ending theme.

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