Anime Review: Comic Party

Comic Party

Review Comic Party Written by Warpshadow Rating very good

Being a fan is something that can take on a life of it's own. Every so often there is an anime to cover this phenomenon. Otaku no video did this for the eighties and now comic party is putting a new spin on the subject.

Kazuki Sendo is a high school student with no big plans in life. That all changes when one day when his somewhat crazy friend Taishi comes up with a destiny for him. Namely Taishi drags him and their childhood friend Mizuki to a comic convention. There despite all the crowding Kazuki learns about Doushinji or fan comics. Even though the whole thing disgusts Mizuki completely Kazuki takes a liking to the hobby and even starts drawing his own fan comic. Slowly he discovers the many aspects of fandom and makes many new friends along the way.

Comic party is a thirteen episode anime show based on a video game of the same name. Unlike what most would expect from such a source the show refrains from the pitfalls that befall much of the genre. This is mainly do to the fact that the show is largely about Kazuki's journey to become a comic artist. Although most of the cast is made up of cute girls the show isn't crowded with a love polygon with the only male in the equation. In fact one of the more interesting characters is Taishi, who supplies much of the show's humor. The only weakness I see in the show is that the ending is a bit weak. I felt that the major conflict was resolved at the end of episode eleven. Even so the show overall was a strong show and makes for good entertainment.

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