Anime Review: Chinese Ghost Story

Chinese Ghost Story

Review Chinese Ghost Story written by Warpshadow Rating very good

Chinese Ghost Story may not fall under some people's perception of what anime is, since it wasn't made in Japan. To them I say that you should expand your horizons and this movie is a good place to do that.

Ning is a unlucky tax collector who is suffering from a broken heart. One day while traveling he comes across a strange city. Thinking it is like any other city he enters and tries to do business as usual. He comes a across a very beautiful woman named Siu Seen. In truth neither the city or the woman are as they first appear for this is a city of ghosts. What is even more troublesome for the two of them is that they also get caught up in a rivalry between two powerful exorcists.

Chinese Ghost Story is not only a good movie it, largely for being Chinese, has a very different feel to it compared to most anime. The first and most noticeable thing is the animation. Chinese Ghost Story is animated with a strong emphasis on computer animation for backgrounds that is for me the best part of the movie. This is not to say the rest of the movie is bad. The characters are varied and endearing. If I was to point out one flaw that the movie has it that it feels like it switches gears too often and the plot felt a bit stringed together, but that may have been a lack of sleep while watching the movie talking.

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