Anime Review: Z mind

Z mind

Review Z mind Written by Warpshadow Rating good

Here we have another Giant robot show. Unfortunately there isn't anything all that special about this show. It doesn't completely stink however. Go into this one without heightened expectations and you might enjoy it.

One day while out viewing the cherry blossoms with her family some men in black try to kidnap the seemingly normal Ayame. After a chase she is Rescued by a mysterious man. This leads to a family squabble and she and her sisters Sumire and Renge leave the house for a few days. While away they see a giant monster attacking the city. The mysterious man reappears and takes Ayame to a base. Inside the base is a robot called Z mind which Ayame has the capacity to pilot instinctively.

Z mind is not a great anime show but it obviously has no pretensions of being such. The most obvious hook of the show is that it does it's best to emulate the old robot shows of the seventies (even to the point of having groovy and far out being placed liberally throughout the dialogue). While it succeeds in this, seventies robot shows aren't everyone's idea of a good show. I felt that the characters were a bit weak, the fact that Sumire and Renge were almost interchangeable in personality being the biggest flaw. Overall it wasn't great but at least with this kind of Oav you get the entire story on one Disc.

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