Anime Review: Zaion, I wish you were here

Zaion, I wish you were here

Review Zaion, I wish you were here Written by Warpshadow Rating fair

Although the guide to reviewing anime warns against using humor in reviews I just couldn't resist this time. In fact you too might also come up with an alternate title for this such as "I wish I didn't buy this" or "I wish this show had a plot".

Yuji is a soldier in the secret organization NOA. Along with his fellow soldiers he is tasked with containing infections of the M34 virus which turns people into monsters. He is not a normal soldier though, like all NOA soldiers he has a system of nano machines in his bloodstream that give him the powers to fight these monsters. He is the ultimate soldier, at least until the military sends in a new weapon, a young girl with immense psychic powers. She will come in handy as this virus doesn't intend on staying stable.

Zain is a four episode Oav. The high point is that, being done be GONZO it is pretty to look at. Other than that Zaion pretty much stinks. First of all there are a couple of truly egregious plot holes although the most noticeable is that in episode three soldiers knowingly infected with the monster virus are simply allowed to roam around. The characters attempt to be likable but end up feeling shallow and their actions forced. If this wasn't bad enough their is another problem of that despite having only four episodes the series is spread out between two dvds.

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