Anime Review: Wind named amnesia, A

Wind named amnesia, A

Review A wind named amnesia written by warpshadow rating fair/ good

A philosophical movie is two things, movie and philosophy. I believe it is a good thing for a movie to have a philosophy but it must take care to remember, that for all it's high thoughts it must be a movie as well. Otherwise it ends up like this movie did.

Life was fine in world until one day the wind blew. This wasn't any ordinary wind, since ordinary winds don't erase people's memories and turn them into the equivalents of animals. One of these people wanders into a military compound and finds boy who still has his memories named Johnny. With Johnny's help the man regains sentience and is renamed Wataru. Johnny is not long for this world and one day Wataru must leave to help rebuild the world. He comes across a mysterious woman named Sophia who makes a bet on whether he can do it.

A wind named amnesia is a post apocalyptic film with philosophical leanings. The movie works best when watched as a philosophical movie since it does raise some interesting questions and at points does make you think. It would have been better if there was a more consistent theme. Even worse is that the plot does feel greatly disjointed bouncing from one idea to the next. Characterization also suffers in the name of purporting whatever idea is being presented and crumbles into a heap of unbelievability in the last twenty or so minutes of the film. While not truly awful this movie is just to jerky to be considered good.

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