Anime Review: Dirty Pair Project Eden

Dirty Pair Project Eden

Review Dirty Pair Project Eden Written by Warpshadow Rating very good

Not all anime is what you call high art. A great deal of the shows are more in the line of Beer and Pretzel style entertainment. I would include Dirty Pair Project Eden in this group with the proviso that it is high quality beer and pretzels.

The far reaches of space has been colonized all thanks to a rare metal called Vizorium. On a planet which is rich in Vizorium deposits the two countries of Uldas and Edia are having a dispute. The refining plants under control of Uldas have been attacked and they believe it is the work of Edia. Since the two nations can not solve their differences the only way to settle this is to call in agents from the 3WA. With Kei and Yuri on the job problems will be solved and something will explode, I guarantee it.

It is hard to completely explain what makes the Dirty pair so fun to watch. While they are similar to many action comedy anime the Dirty pair excels where others fail. I feel that this is largely do to the campy feel of the show. It caries the secret agent shtick right down to the James Bond style decadence shown in the opening and closing credits. Dirty pair is a show that isn't self-conscious at all, it does the same violence and fan service as other shows without the pretense of trying to be anything more.

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