Anime Review: Darkside Blues

Darkside Blues

Review Darkside Blues Written by Warpshadow Rating fair

After a while watching anime or any medium in general a person becomes less affected by style over substance sort of shows. This is unfortunate for the makers or Darkside Blues for that is what this movie is.

In the not so distant future an evil megacorporation called Persona Century comes to rule ninety percent of the world. Everybody else is huddled into slums like that in Shinjuku. Other than a few scattered terrorists there is nothing to oppose the company. There is perhaps only one ray of light, or rather darkness. On a horse driven coach that appears from out of nowhere comes a mysterious man who decides to call himself Darkside. He offers renewal and could be the key to saving the world for even Persona fears the man.

Darkside blues is a pretty looking movie with a decent sense of atmosphere. Too bad that is all that is good about it. There are several characters but the movie never focuses on any of them enough to raise them above being cardboard clichés. The plot certainly isn't the reason for watching this as there looks like this was a longer and more complete story before being edited with dull ax. The worst of it is Darkside himself. Instead of being explained in any meaningful way the Titular character is nothing more than an overused Deus Ex machina. I do not recommend this title.

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