Anime Review: Voltage Fighters Gowcasier

Voltage Fighters Gowcasier

Review Voltage Fighters Gowcasier Written by Warpshadow Rating poor

One of the important lessons in life is that you should always try to make something good out of your bad experiences. I can take away two good things from watching Voltage fighters Gowcaiser, first I can exchange it for a better video at Blockbuster (I am on their unlimited rentals plan) and two I can warn you not to watch it.

In a rather bizarre school there is a student named Kaiza who is training in martial arts. One day while on his way to school in nearly runs into a new student named Kyosuke. Kaiza has also been given a magical Kaiser stone which he can use to access his soul gear and gain incredible powers. This all do to the plans of the school president who is sharing his body with some evil god that wishes to destroy the world. Kyosuke has a sorted past with this man and vengeance is why he has come to the school.

Did the above synopsis sound confusing and did it make little sense to you? If so good then you kind of understand what watching this show is like. This was certainly adapted from a fighting game the way that the plot jumps between characters and this a bad adaptation at that. Not only are the characters shallow they are incredibly stupid as well. The fights themselves are nothing that interesting. Perhaps the only redeemable feature is the amount of breast jiggling but Gowcaiser is far to confusing to work as porn.

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