Anime Review: Wind a breath of heart

Wind a breath of heart

Review Wind a breath of heart Written by Warpshadow Rating fair

With so many anime shows based on dating sims it is hard to remember them all. If you are having trouble trying to keep them straight I suggest you skip Wind a breath of heart there is better stuff out there.

Makoto Okano is a normal high school student who lives with his sister, Hinata. When he was just a child he moved away from his home town. Now he has moved back and is starting life anew with his sister and his friends. One day he needs to get something he left at school and returns after class. There he hears a harmonica and following the sound of the instrument he finds his childhood friend Minamo playing the very same harmonica that he gave her when he left town.

I once read that the biggest reason that anime shows based on dating sims (which Wind a breath of heart is) is that to fit into the air time allotted them they have to cut out parts of the story that was in the game. Nowhere is this more clear than this show. With only thirteen twelve minute episodes the show is obvious missing pieces to the story. Even the story between Makoto and Minamo isn't resolved by the end. The animation quality isn't that great either since the show is done with some very shoddy CG that occasionally splurges on an unnecessary 3D . I do not recommend this show.

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