Anime Review: Vampire Princess Miyu (TV)

Vampire Princess Miyu (TV)

Review Vampire Princess Miyu (TV) Written by Warpshadow Rating good

While there are Oav spin-offs to television series there are also Tv spin-offs to Oavs. In either case they sometimes lack the spark which made the original material good.

There are monsters who roam the darkness called Shinma. Sometimes they come to the human world and prey upon humans. There is a guardian who is tasked with taking care of these demons. She is Miyu and dispite her age and powers she appears to nothing more than a middle school girl. With her companions Larva and Shina she travels from town to town hunting stray Shinma. One day she comes to another town and while staying there she meets three girls and they become friends.

After watching the Vampire Princess Miyu Oav I had high expectations for this show. These expectations were dashed as the show especially in the earlier episodes suffers from poor writing. The fact that the show also suffers from monster of the week syndrome doesn't help either. The lack of intensity and predictability are what really hurt it the most. These problems do clear up in the later half of the show, it is like it was written by an amateur that was slowly getting a grip on writing. On the other hand the animation and especially the music lives up to the original Oav in quality. If I knew what I know now I would have skipped a couple of the earlier volumes and simply have seen the later half of the show.

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