Anime Review: Vandread


Review Vandread Written by Warpshadow Rating good/ very good

There are a lot of anime shows that try to survive on a gimmick. A great deal of those shows suck simply because there is little beyond the show's hook. Fortunately for the viewers of Vandread there is some weight behind the gimmicks.

They men and women are from different planets but with the people Tarak that is more than a truism. Tarak is a planet populated only by men. When Hibiki sneak aboard a space ship headed to take out their rivals, the female planet of Majere he wasn't thinking of the possibility that it would be attacked by pirates, female pirates at that. In the ensuing chaos the pirate ship gets entangled with the battleship and is blown out into far off space. Now Hibiki and two other men will have to get along with the women if they are ever to see home again.

Being a mixture of comedy and action I didn't really expect much from Vandread. It isn't a pretentious type of show so that is okay. What is even better is that the cast of characters and snazzy computer effects drag this show out of the pool of mediocrity. The "war between the sexes" hook is pulled off fairly well and is used mostly for comedic effect, although the women often act more in terms of fan service than reality. Overall this is a fun show and a notch better than average.

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