Anime Review: Weathering Continent, The

Weathering Continent, The

Review Weathering Continent, The Written by Warpshadow Rating good

In my experience of watching anime I found that most Oavs feel kind of disposable. In the case of Oavs like Weathering Continent the contents do make for a good disposable Oav, just like a tasty can of soda.

There once was a prosperous land in the middle of the sea. Then a climate change occurred and the land was reduced to a wasteland. In this land there are three travelers, Lakcee, Teeya and Bois. While traveling they run into a group of people that have been recently killed. They also hear the faint sound of what could be water. What they actually find is a necropolis, a city built for the dead. Now can they make it out alive, especially since a group of ruthless treasure hunters bent on stealing the city's secret treasure has found the city as well?

While this may have been based on a larger story (it could have easily been a filler episode in a fantasy anime show) Weathering Continent works very well as a one shot oav. The plot resembles that of an action film so don't expect that many plot twists. What this show is good for is watching the animation, I am somewhat impressed. The other elements of the Oav are generally average but go down nice and easy as the oav doesn't last for that long. More episodes would have been cool but as is it makes for a good rental.

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