Anime Review: Descendants of Darkness

Descendants of Darkness

Review Descendants of Darkness Written by Warpshadow Rating very good

I have seen enough mystery show to know they really aren't my favorite genre and the whole shonen ai bit doesn't work well with me either. The fact that Descendants of Darkness has both of these elements and I still like the show makes you wonder how much you will like it if is your cup of tea.

Asian cosmology is very ordered. In fact there is even a bureau for handling the deceased called the ministry of Hades. One of it's agents Tsuzuki, is sent to Nagasaki to find out the cause behind a string of unusual killings. To help him is a young man named Hisoka but the two of them have difficulty getting along. This comes as know suprise since both of them have already died, which is a considerable source of angst. They need to sort out their differences soon because the ultimate cause of the murders is very formidable, even for a guardian of death.

Descendants of Darkness is a cross between a mystery and an action series, having elements of both mixed together. What really makes this show work is the story arcs. While many mystery shows are handicapped by being episodic affairs this show allows it's plots enough space to breathe and the characters to grow in them. The animation is well done digital work (doubly so if you consider yourself a fan girl). My biggest complaint is that this should have had more episodes to it. Still I recommend Descendants of Darkness.

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