Anime Review: Bubble gum Crisis

Bubble gum Crisis

Review Bubble gum Crisis Written by Warpshadow Rating good/ very good

The eighties were a completely different time compared to today when you look at pop culture. You either have nostalgia for the eighties or you don't and stuff from that time means nothing to you. Bubble gum Crisis is a child of the eighties and will produce the same split in people that like or dislike it.

In the year 2032 Tokyo is very different from what is looks like today. First of the city been renamed Megatokyo and secondly the corporate office of Genom looms large over the city. Genom is a giant corporation who produces robots called boomers. The bad thing is that these boomers tend to run amuck and the police are powerless to stop them. In steps the knight sabers a band of mercenaries clad in hardsuits able to take out boomers.

When you think about it logically Bubble gum crisis isn't that good of a show. The show is episodic and not enough time is given to the characters to flesh them out properly. Then again this is not the kind of show you watch in a logical manner. The fun of watching Bubble gum crisis is the style of the show, which is eighties cyberpunk. The animation is rather intricate even though it is severely dated. Bubble gum Crisis sports several great songs, that being the best feature of the show. This show isn't for everyone, you either vibe with the show's sense of cool or there is no reason for you to watch this.

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