Anime Review: Battle Programer Shirase

Battle Programer Shirase

Review Battle Programer Shirase Written by Warpshadow Rating fair

When an animation studio doesn't have that much time or money they will sometimes re use animation or script ideas. This is a cost saving maneuver but tends to degrade the quality of the show. While many shows have some of this some episode Battle programmer Shirase is like someting coming out of a recycling bin.

In the information age there are many crimes now made possible by the invention of the computer. Things far more serious downloading music. When the top companies and the military are in need of the best programmer there is they call upon Battle Programmer Shirase. Akira Shirase is not what one would expect from a world class programmer, he doesn't get before noon and it doesn't look like he is more than half awake the rest of the time.

Battle Programmer Shirase is a very boring and repetitive show. The episodes are broken up into three episodes twelve minutes long but usually four or five of those are taken up with explaining the last episode, credits and the preview for the next episode. What there is in content is swallowed up in a morass of repeated gags and episodic setup material. The attempts at fan service are directed at Misao, Shirase's twelve year old niece. There is some potential in the show but there simply isn't enough time for anything to develop. This show is currently only available through fansubs, it is barely worth downloading let alone buying.

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