Anime Review: Doggy Poo

Doggy Poo

Review Doggy Poo Written by Warpshadow Rating good

Most of the shows that I watch aren't claymation and most of the shows I watch aren't Korean. That would certainly make Doggy Poo very different from what I usually watch. It was a nice change of pace.

In a rural village a dog takes a dump. As would be normal a doggy poo is the result. This doggy poo is completely new to the world and doesn't know a thing. In fact only do to a passing bird does he know that he is a doggy poo. He has two problems in life. This first is that he is immobile. The second and more important is that he is only a doggy poo and doesn't know if there is a reason for his existence.

First and foremost this is a children's story. The fact that it consists of a talking piece of poo conserversing with other things that normally don't talk is proof of that. What really made me interested in this show was the subtle choices made and what they imply about the country it came from (in this case Korea). First off I can't imagine that a show starring a turd would be made in America for the viewing of children (Mr. Hanky is made for more mature audiences so he doesn't count). Secondly Doggy poo mentions death and mortality a lot more than is normal for children's shows in America. In the end it still is a charming ugly duckling sort of tale so this is still appropriate for children. The animation style is claymation and is done quite well. My only real problem with this show is the length, unless you have children watch this (and little children can watch anything over and over) this doesn't merit more than a rental.

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