Anime Review: Wandaba style

Wandaba style

Review Wandaba style written by Warpshadow Rating fair/ good

Given that anime studios work with singers often as not only to they need opening and closing themes but they often do voice work. It is not suprising that many shows are based around the music industry. With any widely used idea there are good examples and bad examples and Wandaba isn't a good one.

Himawari, Yuri, Sakura and Ayame are four singers from different genres of music brought together by manager Michael Hanagata to form a pop group called mix juice. The music business is harsh and the member's squabble a lot so mix juice looks like it is going nowhere. The manager has a plan to get the band off the ground, literally. The kid genius Dr. Tsukumo has a plan to go to the moon using environmentally safe methods and he needs pilots. If mix juice can be the first band to perform on the moon they will be famous, providing that they survive the trip there.

Wandaba style is a light comedy show with a fair amount of fanservice thrown in. What is the real hook of the show is the seventies style with the bright psycadelic colors and gogo music that permeate the show. While it is a generally decent show there is nothing really good or spectacular about it either. The comedy is decent but not really funny. The characters are shallow. Overall this is simply a flat show, with no more depth than the pop groups that mix juice unsuccessfully tries to parody. I do not recommend this show.

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