Anime Review: City Hunter

City Hunter

Review City Hunter Written by Warpshadow Rating good/ very good

There are some anime fans that won't touch old school shows like City hunter. That's really a shame since the story of a perverted hero is something that is truly timeless.

Ryo Saeba is the famous mercenary agent known as City Hunter. Just put a sign saying XYZ on a certain train table and his amazing marksmanship and other skills will be his client's disposal. There is only one condition that he observes, he will only take a contract offered by a beautiful woman. This and his general pervert nature makes his partner Kaori frustrated to no end. Don't be worried though Ryo's skills are top notch and he is always alert, even if he doesn't look it.

City hunter is a pretty good episodic anime series. The vast majority of the episodes involves Ryo taking a case and solving it by the end of the episode. While it does seem like a limited concept the episodes are decently written so the idea has some mileage to it. Ryo is a good character who manages to fill the shoes of both the action hero and the comedic pervert. The animation is somewhat dated but still looks well done for a television show. Overall city hunter is not a great series but one that is fun to watch. If you can find it at a reasonable price this show will entertain you for a long time.

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