Anime Review: Dominion tank police

Dominion tank police

Review Dominion tank police written by Warpshadow Rating good

Sometimes a show may not be that great but it still can be fun to watch. Among the list of disposable shows that make for good rentals or the like dominion tank police appears.

It is the year 2010 and this have obviously changed from what we know life to be like. First there is a ever present bacterial cloud that forces people to wear gas masks. Secondly the crime rate has gotten so bad that the police has started using tanks in order to get a handle on things. Leona Ozaki is a new transfer to the tank police and things don't look bright for her. With an indomitable spirit and her friend Bonaparte (the tank she builds) Leona may have what she needs to face down the toughest crooks in the city.

The story of Dominion tank police is fun one blends tongue in cheek comedy with a dash of a philosophy amid a mass of tank battles. The whole thing is animated with quality old school animation. The big problem with it is that there isn't enough running time to tell the whole story or even a section of it that feels complete in it's own right. This leaves this four episode Oav either as fodder for fans of the manga or as simple, disposable entertainment. Either way it's fun but not great.

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