Anime Review: Dokkoida


Review Dokkoida Written by Warpshadow Rating good

Let's face it, being a super hero makes you a target for jokes. After all if you dressed up in a cape and tights and spouted cheesy lines you would be made fun of too. So it is natural that the Japanese would eventually get in on the sniggering as well.

Suzuoh is a starving college student looking for a job. The one offer receives is to test a power suit for toys of the world. He thinks the girl offering a job is a loon so he refuses. However a dangerous space criminal attacks the city and that depresses the job market more than usual so he takes the job. It is a tough fight but he wins due to (at least what he thinks is) the alpha waves of zealousness. The perks of the job include free room and board at Cosmos house where he lives with his rival Neroloid girl and three space criminals that he has to fight every so often.

Dokkoida is a fairly decent comedy show. When the show tries to be funny it succeeds. There is a good amount of fan service (when one of the main characters is a dominatrix what would you expect) in the show. The cast of characters is enjoyable but not complex. The one place the show does fall down is the final episodes where it tries for a more serious climax. Other than that there are is almost structure to the show. Overall Dokkoida is a decent show, a disposable comedy that is worth watching if it looks like it appeals to you, just don't expect too much from it.

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