Anime Review: Venus wars

Venus wars

Review Venus wars Written by Warpshadow Rating good

There is something about the eighties and motorcycles that I don't completely understand due to my age. Even if you didn't get with the motorcycle craze you can still enjoy Venus wars.

Early in the 21st century the planet of Venus was colonized. The planet didn't turn out as the people originally planned for instead of a utopia Venus was a world wracked by war. If war is what reporter Susan Summers wanted to cover when she came to Venus she got more than she bargained for when the nation of Ishtar invaded the city she was staying in. The war and occupation affect the lives of many including a team of motor bikers who are angry enough to strike back at their conquerors.

Venus wars is a pretty decent action movie. Considering that it was made in the eighties the animation is pretty darn good. The other aspects of the show are not so great. The characters are generally flat as the hero generally lacks motivation and the side characters fail to make up for it. Plot is also kind of flat but at least it doesn't take any real turns towards stupidity. The movie starts out slow and then picks up in the second half. Overall this is an average movie, the kind that I would suggest renting rather than buying.

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