Anime Review: Ceres celestial legend

Ceres celestial legend

Review Ceres celestial legend aka Ayashi no Ceres Written by Warpshadow Rating very good

Drama can be good or bad depending on your mood and disposition. What can enthrall one person can leave the next cold. If you are the type that likes over the top drama you should probably check out Ceres celestial legend.

Aya Mikage was a normal girl until her sixteenth birthday. On that day she went to her family's main house with her twin brother Aki for a special celebration. At least that is what she thought until she transformed into Ceres. In response they tried to kill her, just like every Mikage woman that manifested as Ceres before. By a combination of luck, and newfound powers and allies she manages to escape. Now Aya is caught between a family that want to hunt her down and the power of vengeful celestial sleeping inside her.

Ceres celestial legend a rather powerful shojo drama that doesn't pull punches. It is a combination of romance and action with the occasional joke. This is a show that takes itself very seriously, which may be a turn off to some. Others will be taken with the strength of the drama. The story does feel as though bits of it are left out from the original manga. The pacing does feel a bit jerky at times. It feels like a toned down version of Yu Watase's earlier work, Fushigi Yugi in both good and bad aspects.

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