Anime Review: Boogiepop phantom

Boogiepop phantom

Review Boogiepop phantom Written by Warpshadow Rating very good

Out of all the genres of anime I have found horror is one of the hardest type of show to get right. If the writing is just a bit off the show can come across as cheesy. This is even harder for television shows than movies. Yet Boogiepop phantom pulls it off.

In an unamed city in Japan there is a rumor of a monster named Boogiepop who kills high school students. The people that are targeted are all special people often with a supernatural power. The students themselves have no idea how they came upon their powers and most of their stories have a sighting of a strange light and an rash of murders that occurred five years ago in them. What exactly is Boogiepop and what are her motives?

If you found the series overview of this show a bit difficult to understand don't be suprised, Boogiepop phantom isn't a straightforward kind of show. In fact the way that the show appears to be episodic at first glance and yet have all the episodes tie together is one of the shows strongest points. This is a horror show but unlike several I have seen it doesn't go over the top with gore and monsters. Instead it cultivates a sense of mystery and dread. The biggest problem with the show is that it just isn't very accessible to the casual viewer. For those that are willing to take Boogiepop phantom on it may be a rewarding experience.

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