Anime Review: Ebichu, the house cleaning hamster

Ebichu, the house cleaning hamster

Review Ebichu, the house cleaning hamster Written by Warpshadow Rating good

One thing you hear from anime fans is that anime isn't just for kids. Shows like Ebichu definitely prove that to be true, even if one of the main characters is a talking hamster. This can't be said enough, Do not let your children watch this!

Ebichu is a hamster that cleans the house. She takes care of her master, a young single woman who has no other name than master. Master is in love with a worthless bum (that is also his name) and Ebichu doesn't like that. There is little that Ebichu can do about it for whenever Ebichu's master gets angry Ebichu gets a lump on the head.

This is going to be a short review because there isn't that much to Ebichu. The show consists of some really dirty jokes followed by Ebichu getting beat up. There is no meaningful plot as the show sometimes switches gears in the middle of an episode which are only nine minutes long. The jokes in question are very sexual but the animation style doesn't suggest that it's porn. If that sounds like your cup of tea you might like this one.

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