Anime Review: Card captor Sakura and the sealed card

Card captor Sakura and the sealed card

Review Card captor Sakura and the sealed card Written by Warpshadow Rating very good/ excellent

It is standard procedure to milk a successful anime show for more money by making a movie or two based off of it. Many of these shows are not that good. However just as Card captor Sakura was better than most magical girl shows this movie is better than most spin off movies.

After Sakura found all of the clow cards and then turned them into Sakura cards it would seem that her life would return to normal. There is one loose end still left, she never told Shaoran how she felt about him before he left for Hong Kong. One day during summer vacation she gets her chance as both Shaoran and Meilin decide to visit Tokyo. As things start to mysteriously disappear confessing her love to Shaoran may be the least of Sakura's worries.

Usually the first thing that comes to mind when I see a supplementary movie is that it is a cash grab. This one does feel different as it actually Moves the plot forward. The animation is also kicked up a notch which is especially good since the television series wasn't bad to begin with. Fans of dubbing should be especially happy with this one as there is finally worthwhile dubbing in Card captor Sakura. The characters are still those you have come to have love in the show although Tomoyo starts to develop a creepy laugh for some reason. If you liked the show at all I really suggest that you pick up this movie.

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