Anime Review: X (TV)

X (TV)

Review X (TV) Written by Warpshadow rating very good/ excellent

Ever since the movie came out years ago fans have been clamoring for a more complete version of the story to be animated. After watching the show I can say all that clamoring paid off since the television series is really good.

When Kamui returned to Tokyo it wasn't his idea to be involved in the end of the world. In fact he planned to avoid such a fate by taking a sacred sword and then leaving town. Fate intervenes and even worse gets his childhood friends Fuma and Kotori involved. Members of a group known as the dragons of heaven are pressing him to join them, saying that it is the only way for the Earth to be saved. The choice and the fate of the world rest on Kamui's shoulders.

Being both a heavy drama and an action series X is a really heavy show. It may be a bit much for some but for most it is a great series. The animation is top notch as few shows even match it's quality. The show sports a large cast (Seven dragons on each side plus other characters) but manages to develop all of them to a satisfying degree. There are some shonen ai elements in the show but they are subtle to the point of not ruining the enjoyment of someone who does not like such things. In short X is a great drama and well worth watching.

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