Anime Review: DN angel

DN angel

Review DN angel Written by Warpshadow Rating very good

The idea of a thief as the main character of an anime show isn't a new one but with some good writing and a nice story arc in the second half DN angel is a worthwhile stab at an old one.

Daisuke Niwa was a somewhat normal boy, apart from the weird parents and all. All of that changes on his fourteenth birthday when the Niwa family curse takes hold. Every so often Daisuke turns into the phantom thief Dark and steals valuable art works. If that wasn't bad enough there is also a girl that Daisuke likes that has fallen head over heels for Dark. There is also the matter of not only the police but Dark's other half Krad trying to halt his heists.

For another stab at the thief genre of anime, this time using bishonen as it's main selling point, DN angel is a pretty good show. The main reason for this is the writing, the early stand alone episodes are decent and there are several things which could have been plot holes but are filled if you watch the whole thing. It follows the usually path of anime shows with later episodes being more cohesive and dramatically rewarding than earlier ones. The characters for the most part are interesting and not annoying. As well as the story there is some nice background shots of the town that the characters live at. While DN angel isn't the best show If the genre looks good to you picking it up wouldn't be a bad idea.

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