Anime Review: Divergence Eve

Divergence Eve

Review Divergence Eve Written by Warpshadow Rating good

One thing about fan service is that it is often a crutch for otherwise bad shows. In the case of Divergence eve it goes beyond a crutch and becomes baggage that weighs the show down.

In the future mankind can travel to distant places by making skips into alternate universes. A side effect of this practice is that mankind has encountered aliens from these other dimension called ghouls. A point at which ghoul try to cross into our universe a lot is Watcher's nest. In order stay alive Watcher's nest is heavily armed and is protected by a group of mecha pilots known as Seraphim. Misaki Kureha is a new arrival to Watcher's nest and cadet trying to join Seraphim.

Diverenge Eve is a decent attempt at a serious science fiction with some action. On the other hand the character designer probably didn't get a memo or something and thus the character look like they store grapefruits in their shirts. While that may be okay for a silly fan service show it looks weird in a serious show. The plot isn't linear making it hard to follow at times, especially if you are distracted by the character designs. The characters are okay, however none of them are compelling and they fail to carry the show. Overall it is a passable show although it is nothing remarkable.

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