Anime Review: Cat soup

Cat soup

Review Cat soup Written by Warpshadow Rating very good

There are some Oavs that are just plain weird. Cat soup is one of them. The weirdness of the show is really something worth watching especially since it is well animated weirdness.

When the soul of Nyatta's sister is stolen she walks around in a brain dead state. So he goes off to find a way to make her normal again. His quest takes him far beyond the realm of conventional reality.

The easiest way to describe Cat soup would to say that it is an acid trip and a half. There is more to it though. Cat soup has some truly imaginative visuals and the director actually states in the commentary that the film was created as a series of visuals and the attempt to make them connect to each other. There is no dub of Cat soup as all the lines are written on the screen rather than being audibly spoken. Despite the innocuous cover parents might not want to show this to children as there are numerous instances of someone being dismembered. This is a good show to watch anytime you feel like blowing your mind.

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