Anime Review: Dragon Half

Dragon Half

Review Dragon Half Written by Warpshadow Rating very good

Almost anything can be forgiven for the sake of a joke and in Dragon Half the jokes come on fast furious. This is serious comedy if nothing else in the show is serious.

When a dragon slayer fell in love with a dragon they had a daughter. Her name is Mink and she is a dragon half. Like most girls her age is absolutely in the love with the dragon slayer/ idol Dick Saucer. Unfortunately for her an Evil King hatches an evil plot to abduct Mink for his own evil reasons. This causes all sorts of problems for Mink including fouling her attempts to get closer to Dick Saucer.

Rarely have I seen a comedy as zany as Dragon Half. In the two episodes any can and does happen as the jokes just keep coming. The characters are fun and play off of each other well. There isn't much of a plot but comedies like demons don't care about plot continuity. The only thing I would like in this show is more episodes but, oh well. If you are looking for an Oav to rent or for a cheap purchase there are few better choices than Dragon Half.

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