Anime Review: Burn up

Burn up

Review Burn up Written by Warpshadow Rating good

Fan service and action might not make for the greatest of cinematic masterpieces but gosh darnit they are fun. For a nice nugget of viewing snackage the original Burn up might be right up your alley.

Maki. Reimi and Yuka are three cops who work in Tokyo. One day while on traffic duty they get into a car chase with some gangsters. It is rumored that they are part of a white slave ring but there isn't enough evidence to bust them. So the three go out searching for clues. When Yuka is kidnapped the gangsters cross a line that Maki and Reimi can not tolerate. Warrant or no warrant they are going to the bad guy's mansion to bust them up and save Yuka.

Burn up is a short Oav, running less than an hour. It features some action with a fair amount of fan service. Fortunately for the viewer the action is decent and the fan service isn't stupid. Burn up also sports some fairly old but nicely done animation, a plus for fans of the older stuff. For those that have watched other Burn up shows there is little common other than the idea of hot girls who happen to be cops. Overall it's a nice Oav but a little thin, It something I would suggest renting rather than buying.

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