Anime Review: RG Veda

RG Veda

Review RG Veda Written by Warpshadow Rating fair

You can never tell the quality of animated material by the creator of the original manga. This Oav makes that fact very, very obvious. Even if it was CLAMP's first attempt at manga the RG Veda Oav is a horrible adaptation of it.

When Taishakten rose an army and usurped control of heaven the universe was thrown into disarray. All hope was not lost as there was a prophecy about six stars that would defeat Taishakten and restore order to the universe. A young girl named Ashura travels with her guardian Yasha in order to gather the six stars. This is not easy as the forces of Taishakten hound them at every turn.

As an Oav RG Veda isn't that good. For starters it throws the viewers into the middle of the story and doesn't offer a clear resolution at the end. These problems are compounded by music comprised of synth pop and a grating dub. If that wasn't enough I found out that Ashura was actually a boy in the manga whereas the character has been changed into a girl in this Oav. The only redeeming feature to the Oav is the nice animation, especially in the credits and such. Otherwise it just isn't that good of a show, something that I can not recommend.

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