Anime Review: Dragon knight: Wheel of time

Dragon knight: Wheel of time

Review Dragon knight: Wheel of time Written by Warpshadow Rating fair/ good

Thinking about it possibly the greatest flaw in anime is that it usually adapts it's story from another source but doesn't have the time to tell the story that the original source material had. While I have seen worse examples of this than Dragon Knight, the phenomenon is quite apparent in it.

Kakeru sits in a prison cell remembering the failures that lead to his defeat. The dark elf Marlena visits his cell and tells him the only way to make things right is to travel back into the past and correct the mistakes of the past by convincing her. One thing Kakeru can't do is let his past self know of his future self so he hides behind a helmet and calls himself Eto. Exactly what did Marlena mean and will Eto be able to right the wrongs of the past?

Dragon knight: wheel of time has an interesting story or at least the video game that this Oav was obviously based off of did. Unfortunately it looks like much of that story was cut out due to time constraints all that was left was a skeleton and a few loose story threads. The Dragon knight games were pornographic in nature and it shows in the Oav, Eto ends up sleeping with three women over the course of four episodes although it occurs off screen. While a time travel tale in a rpg fantasy land is a new twist there is little worth watching other than the concept.

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