Anime Review: Comic Party Revolution

Comic Party Revolution

Review Comic Party RevolutionWritten by WarpshadowRating good

The plot to Comic Party ended in the first season but the idea of a doujin artist and his zany friends still had some gas in it so to speak. If you know the whole idea behind comic party and are in the mood for some light comedy then this is the show for you.

When Kazuki Sendo finished high school and went to college his doujinshi career continued on. Comic Party revolution has no overall plot to it but instead follows the day to day adventures of the Comic party gang.

As stated in the previous chapter said there is no big story to Comic Party Revolution. Instead each episode stands alone. Each episode has a different character as the lead so everyone gets to watch their favorite. In fact there are two new characters that weren’t in the original Comic Party animation, Asahi the shy idol and Subaru the budding doujin artist. The show tends toward comedy more than anything else but the jokes are funny so everything is good. This show is specifically for fans of Comic Party, although if you liked the first show at all this is definitely worth watching.

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