Anime Review: Da Capo Second Season

Da Capo Second Season

Review Da Capo Second SeasonWritten by WarpshadowRating good

For some reason dating sim adaptations seem to spawn more sequels than other types of anime and Da Capo is no different. While isnít the Kotori-Nemu love triangle story that many fans (including myself) would have wanted it still is an interesting show in itís own right.

It has been two years since the events of the first season of Da Capo and Nemu has left for nursing school, leaving Junichi all by himself. The other girls try to help him out but the guy is still in a funk. One day a girl appears at his door and faints. Her name is Aishia and she is a fledgling wizard who has come to Hatsunejima to improve her magic.

While Da Capo Second Season may look like a harem show at first, I would instead categorize it as a magical girl show disguised as a harem show. The reason for that declaration is that Aishia is not only a major character but instead the character on which the majority of the character development and plot decisions hinge upon. Many fans of the show might not like this but it is better knowing this going in rather than being disappointed. There are some other new characters but they have a filler episode dedicated to them. Although it isnít what the majority of the fandom wanted I applaud Da Capo Second Season for trying something new.

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