Anime Review: Dragon Ball Path to Power

Dragon Ball Path to Power

Review Dragon Ball Path to PowerWritten by WarpshadowRating good

Unlike Television shows a nice thing about anime movies is not only is the animation quality better you can finish a movie in a single sitting. So if you want to get your old school Dragon Ball groove on this movie would be a good way to do so.

Son Goku is a prodigiously strong boy living in the wilderness. One day a girl (not that Goku really knows what one is yet) named Bulma comes looking for his dragon ball, an orange orb that is part of a set of seven that when gathered together will summon a dragon that grants a wish. As his dragon ball is an important memento from his grandfather he doesnít want to give it to Bulma but instead agrees to travel with her to gather all seven balls.

This Dragon ball Movie is a retelling of the first arc of the story combined with the Red Ribbon story arc. As such the movie moves at hyper speed and contains references best understood by people already familiar with the show. The pace is a good thing as both jokes and action come quickly not leaving the viewer bored. Also note this show technically take place early in the series (although it is disjointed from actual continuity) so the fights donít resemble the drawn out power up matches of Dragon ball Z. This being a movie the animation quality is noticeably higher than the original television animation. If you like Dragon ball at all this movie is at very least worth a rental.

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