Anime Review: Early Reins

Early Reins

Review Early ReinsWritten by WarpshadowRating poor

Since westerns are kind of foreign to Japan I wouldn’t really expect an anime western to be exactly on target. Even so I could hardly expect something as bad as Early Reigns regardless of the genre it tried to emulate.

In the wild west six ladies who are strangers to each other board a train. As luck would have the train they are riding gets robbed by the Heaven’s hill gang. While there are soldiers guarding the train they fall easily to the bandits leaving only the sheriff candidate Erica and her compatriots to save the day.

While I usually more in the plot summary in a review but doing that for Early Reins would give readers the false impression that this Oav actually has a plot. What we have instead is a bare bones action western show devoid of interesting characters. That might have worked if this Oav had the stuff that makes for good action movies. Instead the viewer is treated to speed line backgrounds and a horrible CG train. The frequent missteps in logic that Early Reins also displays doesn’t help it either. Things such as train derailments that hurt no one to small things like wondering why a character with one eye is the best shooter in the show make for constant head scratching or laughing at the show, not laughing with the show (like in a comedy) but at it. Unless you sorely need to make fun of something in animated form I suggest that you forget about Early Reins.

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