Anime Review: Brain Powered

Brain Powered

Review Brain PoweredWritten by WarpshadowRating good

While art of any true worth will incorporate some message about the human condition it is important that said message does not overwhelm the credibility of said art. Brain Powered has the message necessary to make it great art but is far to didactic for it's own good.

The world has been unnerved by the emergence of an undersea object of immense size that is simply called Orphan which has been causing tidal waves. Some people called reclaimers have decided to live in Orphan and work to fulfill it's goals. This includes collecting plates that could turn into organic mecha that could be used for or against orphan. Yu Isami is one such a reclaimer however his resolve is shaken on one such mission when he meets Hime Utsumiya a woman who has just bonded with these mechs called a Brain Powered (when they don't work for Orphan, when they do they are called Grand Chers).

Brain Powered is a show utterly brimming with complex characters. This would be all well and good except much of the show is about said characters pontificating about their own misery and various philosophical musings rather than doing anything of importance. That might be good in other shows but when there is a giant mecha fight over the fate of the world you would think that the characters could let up on the angst a bit. The mecha in the show do show a new style but end up making for static fights as opposed to bringing the excitement they are supposed to. It's faults are especially painful to the discerning eye simply because this is a show that had the potential to be great.

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