Anime Review: Devadasy


Review DevadasyWritten by WarpshadowRating fair

There are three ways to describe Devadasy; a science fiction show with too much fan service for it's own good, a fan service show with too much science for it's own good, or just a show that you shouldn't watch for your own good.

Not much has changed in the near future; life is the same as always. That is until aliens with nano-machines appear and attempt to assimilate humanity. Humanity's only hope lies in the Devasdasy a mech found by scientists twenty years ago. Devadasy is a special machine that needs two pilots a man and a woman. It just so happens that Kei and his childhood friend Naoki have joined the organization that owns Devadasy and would make great pilots.

If the above paragraph sounds cliched and a bit hard to understand then you get the gist of Devadasy, which is cliched and a bit hard to understand. Devadasy is a science fiction story that wants to be soft-core pornography at the same time. Watching the show can be a bit problematic if massive amount of fan service fails to distract you from the numerous faults in the plot and such. Not to mention the characters don't have much depth beyond the roles given to them. This is an AIC production which looks like a test for a television show that didn't make the cut. It also didn't make the cut with me and it probably won't make the cut with you.

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