Anime Review: Devil Lady

Devil Lady

Review Devil LadyWritten by WarpshadowRating very good

The thing about obscure anime show is that since not everyone has seen them you just can't ask anyone for their opinion. However I am not just anyone but instead a dedicated reviewer who has seen Devil Lady and knows it is a good show.

Jun Fudo is a beautiful fashion model and yet there is a secret about her than even she doesn't know. One night Lan Asuka drags her to a warehouse and discloses the truth to her, that Jun is in fact a beast inside. Asuka has another beast chained in the warehouse that Jun must fight in order to survive. In fact all of this is a plan to use Jun to fight other beasts. All of this weighs heavily on Jun for a question lingers in her head, if she is a beast has Jun stopped being a human being?

Devil Lady is a show that looked like it could have been a simple action show with a horror tinge but delved more heavily in to horror. This gives the show a more visceral impact than most action shows or many horror shows for that matter. Even though there is usually the monster of the week the focus of the story is centered on Jun's struggle to maintain her humanity. The treatment of Jun's nudity is beast form is decidedly non sexual rather making it fan service. There is also several hints of homosexuality in this show but it isn't enough to overwhelm the show regardless of your feeling on the matter. There are a few turn-offs in the show such as the times when Jun turns huge in a fight or the somewhat outdated animation. Even so Devil Lady is one hell of a show.

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